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French parliamentary team on a seven-day visit to Nepal

KATHMANDU,11 sept 09
A French parliamentary team which is on a seven-day visit to Nepal has shown interest in the constitution-making and peace processes in Nepal.

The delegation comprising three French Senators and French Ambassador to Nepal, among others, met Constituent Assembly (CA) Chairman Subas Nembang on Thursday.

The visiting team handed over copies of the constitution of France to distribute to the 601 CA members. The copies have been translated into Nepali language.

"The French team made the arrangement after finding Nepali lawmakers´ interest about French model of governance and other features of their constitution," Nembang told reporters after the meeting with the delegation.

They enquired about the latest progress, obstructions and other challenges in the constitution-writing process. "They also asked whether the country is adopting presidential or prime ministerial system. But, I said these things are yet to be decided and lawmakers are divided over the matter," Nembang said.

French Senators Yvon Collin, Simon Sutour and Jean Faure, French Ambassador to Nepal Gilles Henry Garault and administrator for the senators Philippe Brault, among other members, are in the visiting team.


French parliamentary delegation meets former PM Deuba, warns rift between parties might adversely affect constitution making

The visiting delegation of French parliamentarians busied itself in high profile meetings on Friday as well, meeting Nepali Congress (NC) senior leader Sher Bahadur Deuba at the latter's residence in Budhanilkantha at the outskirts of Kathmandu.

The latest political scenario of the country, the ongoing peace process, constitution drafting process, among others, featured highly during the meeting, it is learnt.

The French parliamentarians accompanied by the French Ambassador to Nepal Gilles Henry Garault tried to draw the attention of former prime minister Deuba towards the adverse effects the increasing polarity between the political parties in Nepal can have on the constitution drafting process.

The French parliamentary delegation, which arrived in Kathmandu to provide valued suggestions for the drafting of Nepal's new constitution and share the constitution-making experience of France, had on Thursday met Speaker Subas Nemwang and discussed Nepal's constitution-writing process.

The French delegation also presented a copy of the Constitution of France, translated into Nepali, to Nemwang, and wished success in the drafting of the new constitution on time.

Speaker Nemwang met Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal the same day and urged him to take immediate steps to resolve the prolonged House deadlock.

Source: Nepal News

Photo: Delegation of French parliamentarians meeting CA speaker Subas Chandra Nemwang at Singha Durbar, Thursday, Sep 10 09. The French delegation presented a copy of the Constitution of France, translated into Nepali, to Nemwang.

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